About Us

Leader Environmental Technologies Limited was incorporated on 15 August 2006 and listed on Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) in July 2010.

The Company is a high-tech oriented company focusing on the four key businesses:

1. Sludge treatment – formulate unique customized solution and supply of integrated system for municipal sludge management based on its proprietary technologies, such as integrated continuous thermal hydrolysis and pyrolysis, and innovative sludge pretreatment and efficient energy recovery system to achieve the objectives of carbon emission reduction, zero-waste discharge and resource recovery.

2. AI Water And Energy Management – Treatment and recycling of highly pollutive industrial wastewater using advanced membrane-based technologies and integrated artificial intelligence (AI) technology and modeling in water and energy management

3. High performance membrane products – research, development and manufacturing of high-performance membrane products, mainly for water and wastewater treatment, and other separation applications for pharmaceutical, life science, healthcare and chemical industries.

4. Greentech investments – investments in companies specializing in high-tech environmental solutions, technologies and products.

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